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Native name মোঃ রায়হান
Born 1997/10/10
Madhupur Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Tangail Polytechnic Institute (TPI)
Occupation Muisicians,Entrepreneur

Md.Mannan Sarker (Father)

Rubina Begum (Mother)

Md.Raihan a musical artist from Bangladesh. he is a emerging as one of the most popular musical artist, influencer and Digital Marketer, Entrepreneurs who has conquered his challenges, and achieved his goals. Behind promoting well-known brands and Entrepreneurs on social media with his Marketing skills. with a lot of recognized International clients and brands, he has established network to promote the brands associated with him

Personal Life

Md Raihan was born in Madhupur, Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 10-10-1997. At present He live in Madhupur.he is married and he has a daugter. His father is an political person. His father is currently involved in business . they are three brothers he hase no sister . He enjoy playing foorball, cricket on the field and he always like to learn , He like innovation and He also like to meet new people. He is a reputed and successful entrepreneur. He is a Bangladeshi YouTuber, Musician and Song & Lyrics Writter. He was deeply interested in music since childhood. From a young age, wanted to do something about music. Now he completely transformed into a musician also Digital Marketer. He has behind promoting well-known brands and influencers on social media marketing.


He started Nexdluencive , a startup company in 2021, There have been many Nexdluencive from here, which is now gaining popularity among people and working with a number of entrepreneurs from across the country as well as abroad. Nexdluencive provides personal branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Account Management,Brand Promotion etc serviceThere have their own Marketing Agency.through this work he gained a lot of popularity.Everything is shut down becouse of the 2020 corona Pandemic.then he decided to do something besides studying and he started Digital marketing. he is currently working at Nexfluence Company


He received his primary education form the village primary school. And passed SSC in computer Department from Madhupur Multipurpose technical Institute. he later graduated with a diploma in Engineering course from Tangail Polytechnic Institute on top of Electronics technology .and running his BSC in Engineering from a private university .