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Md. Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik
Author & Writer
Native name মো. তসলিম ভূঁইয়া প্রান্তিক
Residence Dhaka,Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Bangladeshi author and writer
Years active 2016
Known for Author, Writer, Researcher.
Religion Muslim

Md. Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik is a Bangladeshi writer & freelancer researcher. He is the author of Post meridiem note.


Md. Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik is a Bangladeshi writer & researcher. He is a student from a legal background. He began his career at an early age by writing articles and regular blogs, and later he started working on his official book, which was published called Post meridiem note & The Flare. He has won several awards nationally and internationally. He regularly writes more for his audiences. His writing up ‘young society ruining life running after cheap popularity’ was nominated for MEENA MEDIA AWARD 2021. He regularly writes more for his audiences. He is an experienced Contributing Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the Writing & Editing industry. With also skilled in Microsoft Word, Communication, English, Legal Research, Writing, and Adobe Photoshop. Strong media and communication professional. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws - LLB from North South University.


Md. Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik does research & writing. He thinks it is a work of great patience. In addition to writing, he is also involved in social activities. He is a current student of LAW & undergraduate research assistant of North South University Bangladesh. He mentioned, "I like to volunteer in general leisure. I used to Debate since college life. Debate competition among extracurricular activities is very popular all over the world. In that case, I have gained good experience. Thanks to Almighty Allah for allowing me to have so many multifaceted experiences in this beautiful life. I have played an efficient role as the organizer of several workshops and festivals in Bangladesh. I also have experience conducting seminars and workshops on 21st Century skills, career planning, motion discussions, delays, & many other relevant topics. As a student of LAW, I believe that every human being has the right to present his or her own language to the world. So I hope you enjoy reading my writing."

Early Life

Md. Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik was a student at Rani Bilahmoni gov. Boy’s High School, Gazipur. From childhood, he wanted to do something different. He started working in writing when he was only 19 years old. Since then, he started to working as a column writing in daily newspaper. He has been brought up during write-up and op-ed since childhood.

Award and Nominations

Md. Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik is a multi-talented writer in South Asia. He has won uncountable awards nationally and internationally. His write up ‘young society ruining life running after cheap popularity’ was nominated for MEENA MEDIA AWARD 2021. Also is a big part of the American writing Billboard science 2019.

Famous Write-ups

List Year
Status of Bangladesh’s healthcare system in the world 2021
Youths ruining life running after cheap popularity. 2021
Country’s film industry needs to be careful 2021
Alarming rise in rape 2021
Against national interest The effects the Ukraine-Russia war could have on Bangladesh. 2021


Single Release Year
[Post Meridiem Note in Google], [Post Meridiem Note in Amazon] 2023

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