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Native name মোঃ মিজানুর রহমান
Born January 2, 1994
Hossainpur, Kishoreganj
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education SSC, DIPLOMA, B.H.C
Known for Politician & Businessman and Music Artist
Notable works Managing Director of MJ GLOBAL NETWORK

Height 5 Feet 5 Inch
Political party Bangladesh Jatiotabadi chatradal

MD MIZANUR RAHMAN Verified.png is a dedicated politician and a successful businessman born in KISHOREGONJ, Bangladesh and now lives in Dhaka. He is a dynamic and determined politician and VICE-PRESIDENT, BANGLADESH JATIOTABADI CHATRADAL KISHOREGONJ DISTRICT Committee. He is also a Music Artist. His impressive humanitarian works for indigent and poor peoples across Bangladesh made him a remarkable Politician.MD MIZANUR RAHMAN's effective management made him a successful Business Person in Bangladesh.

Political activities

During his student life in 2010, he was the president of Chhatradal of Ward No. 6 of SHAHEDOL union of HOSSAINPUR police station of KISHOREGONJ district. In 2013, he was the organizing secretary of Chhatradal of SHAHEDAL union of the same police station. In 2013 he was the joint general secretary of HOSSAINPUR Thana Chhatradal. In 2020, Bangladesh JATIOTABADI CCHATRADAL KISHOREGONJ DISTRICT was elected as the VICE-PRESIDENT. In 2021 he performed Umrah Hajj more than once, including the holy Hajj. He is a philanthropist, hard worker, and prominent social worker in his personal life. He is a political figure with a clean image. He is close to the leader of the clean image at different levels of Bangladesh JATIOTABADI CHATRADAL and its other affiliated organizations. Sochhar was instrumental in implementing all the political programs of the organization. He is seen as a youth leader who provides safe haven to the people of his area. A successful statesman who is the epitome of digital Bangladesh, this leader is capable of providing leadership to any level of youth. It is known from his area that he is reluctantly spending money from his hard earned money for the implementation of various programs including party meetings and processions without any collection of dues. Apart from this, the party workers and the common people are by their side in the overall cooperation including financial. That is why the name “MD MIZANUR RAHMAN” is widely known within the party and in the hearts and minds of the people of his area.

Early Life and Education

MD MIZANUR RAHMAN was born in 2ND JANUARY of 1994 at his hometown KISHOREGONJ,Bangladesh now lives in Dhaka. From his childhood student life, he was an activist of Bangladesh JATIOTABADI CCHATRADAL that made him a great politician and the VICE PRESIDENT Bangladesh JATIOTABADI CHATRADAL KISHOREGONJ DISTRICT Committee now-a-days. He did his post-graduation in CLINICAL LABORATORY MEDICINE.

Professional Biography

MD MIZANUR RAHMAN is the Managing Director of MJ GLOBAL NETWORK He also plays a vital role in political background. MD MIZANUR RAHMAN is the VICE PRESIDENT of Bangladesh JATIOTABADI CHATRADAL KISHOREGONJ DISTRICT COMMITTEE. Apart from political entity MD MIZANUR RAHMAN has proved himself as a successful business personality for managing multiple businesses in Bangladesh.


Managing Director – MJ GLOBAL NETWORK

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