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Born Long Island NY, United States
Other names Matthew Kevelson
Occupation CEO, Investor, Musician, Producer
Known for Mattykevs
Notable works Fiji feat. ZkiTheSauce

Matthew Kevelson (born in Long Island, New York) known professionally as Mattykevs, is a musician[1], record producer, investor, and entrepreneur. He was inspired by his mother’s love of the arts, which led to him becoming an instrumentalist and record producer.

Career and Lifestyle

After his feature in Film Daily[2], Mattykevs caught the attention of journalists on Publicist Paper[3], About Insider[4], and several others[5][6][7]. The artist entrepreneur interviewed on EpiExpress[8] and stated, “More music, more billboards, and more fun collaborations with some really talented artists”, when asked about his plans for the remainder of 2021.

This year, Mattykevs was ackowledged in several billboards on time square. He has a partnership with Urban Outfitters. In November 2021, Mattykevs hosted NY’s 2021 “Who Got Next?” Music Awards Show.

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