Mahmood & Sons

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Mahmood & Sons
Commercial? No
Type of site Medicine Distribution
Available in Multilingual
Owner Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh
Created by Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh, Saim Ul Hassan, Ezan Mahmood Sheikh
Launched 10 May 1980
Current status Active

For over 40+ years, Mahmood & Sons has been a leading distribution company in Pakistan, having a rich value of service at its best in the pharmaceutical sector. Mahmood & Sons have a countrywide distributions network and fully equipped zonal offices in major cities across the country in order to meet the market demands efficiently and effectively. The country-wide sales and distributions network is operating in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP's) in order to maintain the quality and efficacy of the products and also ensure timely delivery.

History Of Mahmood & Sons

The following timeline shows the History of Mahmood & Sons since it was founded in 1980 by the Puri Group.

  1. 1980

Mahmood & Sons were founded by a 5 Brothers Puri Group on 10th May 1980 in Jhang.

  1. 1983

Asad Saleem Medical Hall, a Brothers concern medicine shop was established in 1983.

  1. 1988

In 1988 Brothers decide to expand their business & Make a new shop on Fowara Chowk Jhang with the name of Medicine Corner to increase customer coverage

  1. 2001

A New Office opened at Puri Street, Sultan wala mohalla Dhajji Road Jhang Sadar as the role of head office.


Founder Saim Ul Hassan

CEO Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh

Business Owner Mahmood Ul Hassan

Managing Director Ezan Mahmood Sheikh