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Team Information
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Spammer
Years active 2023
Known for Cyber Security Speacialist

introduction Mafia White Hat Hackers Mafia is always ready provide security ton the people of BD on social media. We teach people how to

Mafia White Hat Hackers Cyber Security Analysis Mafia White Hat Hackers is a non-profit organization. We are Bangladeshi Cyber Security Analyst. We work for Bangladesh Cyber Space and remove adult sexual, harassment and atheist contents from the internet. Mafia white hat hackers is always vocal about removing online harassment. Mafia White hat Hackers is always trying to keep cyberspace safe and beautiful. We work for humanity, We work for cyber security. Mafia white hat hackers

Objective & Honours The Mafia White Hat Hackers is a group that has always stood against atheist , pornographic ontent . We always try to make the virtual world beautiful and secure for ordinary people . We always teach a number of crews how to use the Internet safely and help the general public to use the Internet safely . We are always ready to help ordinary people at all times . We have two public groups to help normal users . Basically we never work for money . Mafia Team always stand for normal people's .

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