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Renderform character
Maelstrom toy
Created by

Release number

Species Transformer
Sex Male


Alternate mode

Cybertronian jet

Maelstrom is a third-party Transformer set made by Renderform in 2017.


Maelstrom is an upgrade kit for Combiner Wars Cyclonus. It comes with a new head and sword.

Are you a fan of the amazing More Than Meets The Eye comic series, and in need of a Cyclonus figure on your shelf to match? My MTMTE inspired upgrade kit for Combiner Wars Cyclonus is now ready for pre-order! This kit includes a comic accurate head sculpt, with foldable horns which still allow the figure to fully transform back into jet mode. Cyclonus’ signature sword from the comic is also included, with hand painted detailing, and a translucent blue orb in the hilt, featuring a 5mm peg for storage. If you’re looking for something more battle torn, the limited edition Lunar Battle Maelstrom kit, features a broken horn look, and a “spark energized” sword, from the season 1 finale of the comic. Limited to 50 sets! Photos shown are of the final products. Pre-orders begin shipping in July.


Renderform announced the Maelstrom kit in May 2017.

The sword was recolored in 2019 as the Phoenix Blade and Queen's Blade.[1]



  • Renderform RF-023 Maelstrom (2017)
Comes with new head and sword.
  • Renderform RF-023L Maelstrom (2017)
Comes with new head and sword.
Limited to 50 pieces.
  • Renderform RF-023P Phoenix Blade (2019)
Translucent red and orange sword with a bonus matching rifle for Hot Rod.
Limited to 25 pieces.
  • Renderform RF-023Q Queens Blade (2019)
Translucent pink and blue blade and two matching guns for Elita-1.
Limited to 25 pieces.



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