MC Sid (rapper)

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MC Sid
Birth name Siddharth Sood
Born Delhi
Genres Hip hop
Years active Early 2000–present

Siddharth Sood (stage name MC SID), is an Indian freestyle rap artist. He is uniquely known for rapping in Indian weddings. He has performed at more than 600 weddings in India and across world.[1][2][3] Siddharth is working with Sukhbir for his Bollywood debut.[4]

Early Life and Career

Siddharth was born in Chandigarh, India[2] and started his career by performing at clubs in Mumbai in early 2000s. Post that, he worked in a music channel VH1.[5]He was spotted by a wedding planner in 2007 and invited Siddharth to perform at a wedding.[6] In 2009, he stopped performing at clubs and only focussed on weddings.[2] Siddharth has also done a 35 city tour with Kingfisher and Radio Mirchi which was titled 'Rap it up with MC'.[7]


  • MC Sid was recognised for his anthem dedicated to all mothers on Mother's day[8]


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