List of CIA torture centres by color code

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The United States's Central Intelligence Agency maintained an "archipelago" of black sites where it held individuals who were secretly kidnapped, subjected to brutal, humiliating and terrifying extraordinary rendition, and then tortured. These sites seem to have been known by at least two parallel sets of names.

In December of 2014, when the United States Senate Intelligence Committee published a 600 page unclassified summary of its 6000 page on the CIA's use of torture the public learned that all these secret camps were officially named after colors. Some of the camps informal names had been known for years. A brutal CIA camp where the individuals held where subjected to total darkness and deafening loud American music was known colloquially as the "dark prison" or "the salt pit", but its official name, according to the report, was Camp Cobalt.

Prior to the Supreme Court's ruling in Rasul v. Bush the CIA operated multiple camps in the United States Navy's Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. According to the Senate report two of these camps were Camp Indigo and Camp Maroon. Once former CIA captives were transferred to Guantanamo in September 2006, they were held in a camp known as Camp Platinum, or, misleadingly, as Camp Seven. The military operated six other camps, and the name Camp Seven implied this camp was merely another military camp. But it turned out the camp was operated by the CIA.

colour code name pithy joke name notes
Camp Platinum misleading also called Camp Seven
Camp Cobalt the salt pit also believed to be the prison captives called "the dark prison"
Camp Maroon in Guantanamo
Camp Indigo in Guantanamo
Camp Strawberry Fields in Guantanamo
Camp No in Guantanamo