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Following disclosure of the details of the sexual relationship between former US President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the word lewinsky became synonymous with oral sex.[1] [2][3][4]

As the San Jose Mercury suggested in 1999, the neologism lewinsky has passed "into the vernacular as a synonym for oral sex".[2] A March 2000 op-ed in the Free-Lance Star suggested that Clinton "used the intern pool as a harem from which he plucked a girl willing to perform what can now be called a 'Lewinsky'".[5] In 2009 on popular wrestling site Wrestlezone, announcer Jim Ross opined that "most know what a 'Lewinsky' refers to".[6] Following a television character's use of the word, a New York Time article entitled "The Nation: The New Scandalisms; It Depends on What Your Definition of Linguistic Trend Is" stated that "most of the audience instantly understood what he was talking about".[7]


Between November 1995 and March 1997, then-President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky had an intimate relationship that included Lewinsky performing fellatio on Clinton numerous times.[8] The relationship was revealed in early 1998 and several months of intense media coverage ensued. Many of the reports included details of Lewinsky performing oral sex on Clinton in the Oval Office and introduced new levels of frankness into media reports.[9][10]


Soon after the Clinton/lewinsky relationship was revealed, journalists were using the term "lewinsky" as a synomyn for the act of fellatio with no further explanation. The first use of lewinsky in a widely-read newspaper may be a September 1999 story which appeared in USA Today. In an article entitled "Land of Oz with lots of bad guys", Kathleen Parker wrote "Were Jones' claim true -- that the then-Arkansas governor invited her to perform a Lewinsky -- she should have smirked, thrown back her head and laughed shrilly".[11] In a November 1998 movie review in the Globe & Mail, Rick Groen describes one character in Woody Allen's Celebrity as "performing a full Lewinsky" on the film's protagonist.[12] The term has become a handy euphemism for journalists who would otherwise need to offer a fuller description or use more explicit language. The New York Times avoided using the neologism directly, but opted for the similar euphemism "a Monica Lewinsky-style sex act".[13] The OC Weekly titled a December 1999 report on a party which featured "a public hummer" as "The Full Lewinsky".[14]

Although use of lewinsky as a synonym for oral sex may have declined in recent years, it continues to be popular with right-leaning journalists and authors. In 2006, describing the affair between John Prescott and his diary secretary, Dominic Lawson of The Independent says "Ms Temple gave the Deputy Prime Minister the full Lewinsky in his office, under the gaze of a portrait of Oliver Cromwell".[15] In 2008, following a reference by comedian Dennis Miller to "people doing the full Lewinsky right under the desk", conservative television personality Bill O'Reilly declared that he did not understand the comment.[16] Lloyd Marcus shows the longevity of the word lewinsky by using it in an essay published in the July 2011 issue of American Thinker.[17] David Kahane uses the term to connect the Clinton/Lewinsky relationship with the 2011 Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.[18] In June 2011, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh used the term to mean oral sex.[19] In February 2011 Limbuagh used lewinsky several times in a piece entitled "Study: Lewinskys Cause More Throat Cancer Than Tobacco".[20]

The neologism was listed in "Sex Slang" as a noun meaning "an act of oral sex" dating from 1999.[21] "The Bald Headed Hermit & The Artichoke: An Erotic Thesaurus" lists lewinsky as a synonym for oral sex.[22][23] The concise new Partridge dictionary of slang and unconventional English has a similar entry for "an act of oral sex".[24] Definitions are also included in "A Concise Collection of College Students' Slang" and "Eats, shites & leaves: crap English and how to use it".[25][26] The word lewinsky continues to be used both as a noun and a verb in popular media and as the punchline for jokes. The pilot of short-lived comedy Patterson contains a joke in which star Jason Alexander "talks about how he is so short he looks like he is giving a Lewinsky" to much taller co-star John Tesh.[27]

Usage on Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit

In an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit which aired in October 1999, one of the characters makes reference to "getting a Lewinsky".[28] This prompted Bernard Lewinsky, father of Monica, to demand an apology from broadcaster NBC, producer/creator Dick Wolf, and distributor Universal.[29] [30][31]. British tabloid The Sun quoted a character as saying "Jasmine said he made her Lewinsky him for his collection".[4]

The Guardian's Akin Ojumu delared that through its usage in the show lewinsky "has been enshrined as a euphemism for sex".[31] The Reading Eagle noted that the term had been previously used on other NBC shows, citing a recent pilot as an example.[29] Entertainment Weekly referred to the use of lewinsky as "a cliched joke".[32] An editorial in the Savannah Morning News cites Cold Feet and Sex and the City as having used lewinsky prior to the Law & Order usage which upset Dr Lewinsky.[33]

In "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Unofficial Companion", it is also noted that there are "a few sly references to Monica Lewinsky" in a 2005 episode.[34]

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