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More than half a century ago, some individuals came with indomitable spirit and infinite courage to open higher levels of knowledge among the knowledge seekers of this region. Which was led by the late Professor Abdul Jabbar. On 1st July 1964, the present Lakshmipur Government College started its journey with his tireless efforts and efforts and with the sincere cooperation of local donors, educationists and philanthropists. The college became a huge success in a short time. As a result, it becomes easier for the college to get approval for science branch in higher secondary class and BA, M.Com branch in graduate class.

The first tin shed house of the college was built on one acre 20 percent of late Alhaj Madin Ullah Chowdhury and a little more than one acre of late Abdul Matin Master. Later, some land belonging to Swargiya Rajkumar Das, late Zeburi Begum, late Haji Shah Alam, late Hossain Ahmad Kabir and former MLSS of the college late Abul Khair came under the control of the Chauhaddi of the college. Some parts of these lands were purchased. The college, which started with 150 students, 14 teachers and 8 staff members, has a current land area of ​​8 acres and 63 percent. Among the teachers and officials who were dedicated to the college at its inception were the divine Priyalal Babu, Himadri Shekhar Mukhopadhyay, the divine Girish Babu, Mr. Shah Alam, Mr. Chowdhury Khurshid Alam, Prof. Shahabuddin, Adinath Babu, Prof. Shafiqul Islam, Prof. Nani Gopal Ghosh, Prof. Khalilur Rahman Chowdhury, Mr. Rafiqullah, Rajendra Babu (English teacher and accountant) Abdul Mateen Master (Office Clerk) etc. are notable.

Many students of this college actively participated in the great liberation war. The physical infrastructure of the college rapidly developed and expanded during the post-independence period. It expanded the scope of the college further as a result of nationalization on March 1, 1980, this trend of progress was accelerated, the result of which is today's Honours-Masters College. Currently, Lakshmipur Government College is busy with more than ten thousand students. After 1995, Honors courses were introduced in 8 subjects. The subjects are Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Islamic Education, Management, Accountancy, Physics and Mathematics. Masters courses in political science, sociology and management were introduced in 2000 and preliminary courses in these subjects in 2005. In addition, in 2013, master's courses in accounting, economics, Islamic education and mathematics were launched. In the same year, honors courses were started in the departments of Bengali, English and Chemistry.

College academic and administrative activities are in operation in four huge three-storied buildings. The south facing building is the administrative and art building; To its west is the Library Building: the north building facing east is the Commerce Building and the Science Building to the west. There are about 60 rooms in the buildings. There are two buildings under construction, one of which is almost completed. Apart from this, the college has a 100-seater dormitory, two 20- and 30-seater dormitories and Red Crescent, BNCC, Rover Scout and Girls in Rover units. The first Shahid Minar of the district, the beautiful arch and rows of trees at the entrance of the college add to the beauty of the college. For the students, there are separate common rooms for recreation, extensive cycle stands, extensive playgrounds, large ponds and the cool shade of numerous trees. The co-curricular activities of this college (Study Tour, Orientation Class, Freshman Admission, Annual Sports, Literary Week, National Days, Eid-e Miladunnabi (PBUH), Debate Competition, Drama Staging, Bengali Year Celebration are celebrated with due dignity and pomp.

Lakshmipur Government College is committed to broaden and accelerate its focus on nation building.

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