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Industry Manufacturing
Area served Worldwide

LISUN GROUP is a Hong Kong-based lighting and electrical test equipment manufacturer.[1] It has sales and service offices in China, India, Russia, and Korea.[1]

LISUN is a member of CIE, IEC and maintains national and international standards in their products.[1] So, its quality is accepted by well-known testing companies such as SGS, UL, NIST, UNDP, Philips, OSRAM and so on.[1]

Its products are sold in more than one hundred and fifty countries of the world.[1]


LISUN GROUP was founded in 2003.[1]

In 2012, the company established a high-level product showroom and accreditation lab in Shanghai.[1]

The company also has established a manufacturing facility in China in order to produce lighting and electrical test equipment.[1]

Main Products

  • Goniophotometer[2]
  • Integrating Sphere[3]
  • Spectroradiometer[4]
  • LED Test Instruments[5]
  • Surge Generator[6]
  • ESD Simulator[7]
  • EMC Test Systems[8]
  • EMI Test Receiver[9]
  • Electrical Safety Tester[10]
  • Temperature Chamber[11]
  • Salt Spray Test[12]
  • Environmental Test Chamber[13]
  • Waterproof Test Equipment[14]


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