Kuldeep Singh Gill

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Kuldeep Singh Gill

Gill in 2023
Native name Kuldeep Singh Gill
Born 11 April 1996 (1996-04-11) (age 27)
Nagpur, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actor
Years active 2019 - present
Known for Rakkhosh
Height 1.80 m
Parents Gulshan Gill, Renu Gill
Relatives Eklove Gill (brother)


Kuldeep Singh GILL (born 11 April 1996), professionally known as Rohit Gill[1] is an Indian actor. he is known for his works in Hindi cinema and Bollywood.[2] he debuted in 2019 with the film Rakkhosh. Rohit hails from Nagpur and is born in a Punjabi family.[3]

Early life and career

Rohit was born on 11 April 1996 and brought up in Nagpur in a Punjabi Sikh family. He made his acting debut in Abhijit Kokate's Hindi horror drama film Rakkhosh[4] in 2019 starring opposite Sanjay Mishra. He started his acting career by doing theatre in 2016, and till now he has worked in a Short-film, Album song and Hindi Films. in Misguide (2016), Vastudosham (2018), Odh Tuzi (2018), Rakkhosh ( 2019).


Year Film Role Language Notes Ref.
2019 Rakkhosh patient Hindi Debut [5]

Music Video

Year Title Label Language Notes Ref.
2021 DJ Walya Bala Film's Marathi DJ [6]


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