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Kshama Chandan Dentist
Born 1991/09/30
Nationality Indian
Occupation Dentist

Kshama Chandan (born 30 September 1991 in Mumbai, Maharashtra) is a celebrity dentist known for her expertise in meticulously fashioning beautiful smiles. Kshama, been in the profession for many years, her knowledge, passion and competency in Aesthetic Dentistry has drawn several well known Bollywood faces to her clinic. [1] Kshama Chandan is the founder of House of Tooth which is located in Mumbai which serves as an extraordinary and multifaceted centre for all dental health issues.[2]

Kshama's aesthetic magic has enhanced and perfected thousands of beautiful smiles all over the world and has been the silent reason behind the captivating beauty of several enigmatic personalities. Be it actors, sports stars or towering tycoons, the best in the business swear by her.[3]

Career and Education

Dr Kshama Chandan is a renowned dentist, who’s a perfectionist with an eye for details in dentistry. She has completed her Bachelor in dental surgery from Mumbai and holds a masters degree in Prosthodontics and oral implantology. She was awarded as the Youngest Smile Makeover expert by India’s most prominent health care awards as well as the ‘ The Most innovative and leading dentist of the year’ by global leaders awards 2020. [4]

Dr. Kshama believes in achieving the best beautiful outcomes by combining the latest scientific advances in aesthetics, her excellent skill and keen eye for detail to achieve natural and seamless results.


  • The youngest smile makeover expert by India's leading healthcare awards
  • World Leader Award 2020 for the most innovative and leading dentist of the year

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