Kowshik Saha

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Kowshik Saha

Artist Info
Born 29 December,1994(age 28)
Nationality Bangladesh
Occupation Singer-songwriter,music producer
Years active 2019
Height 171 cm


Kowshik Saha[1] is an Indo-Bangladeshi singer-songwriter and producer who has gained recognition as a contemporary multi-genre artist, with a focus on pop, R&B, and EDM[2][3]. He is best known for his singles, "Just Gotta Know",[4] "Just Gotta Know Remix"[2], and "Heaven Hell"[5][6]. He is currently signed to Symphonic.[7]


Saha was born on December 29, 1992 in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Saha's initial releases, which included "Love Yourself - Acoustic Version"[8], "Cheap Thrills", and "Thrift Shop"[9], showcased his talents and skills as an artist. He was one of the first from his region to be recognized in the launch of Soundcloud badge for top artists in 2020[10][11]. His debut single, "Just Gotta Know"[4][12][13][14], which he wrote himself, quickly gained popularity and success, leading him to release a dance-pop version titled "Just Gotta Know (Remix)" in the summer of 2021[2][15]. This remix helped Saha gain new fans and appreciation for his unique sound.

Over the next few months, Saha released a series of songs, including "Fearless, Pt. II", "STAY", and "Heat Waves", which helped him garner a global following. His next rendition release, "Trampoline", was featured on Spotify Fresh Finds where it charted at 5th position for several weeks and was later featured in "Best of 2022: Fresh Finds India".[16] Saha then released a 10-track self-titled album, Kowshik Saha.[17]

Saha's next work, "Under The Influence", was released in January 2023. He has since released his next award winning dance pop "Heaven Hell"[7][18][1] in April 2023 which was on Spotify Bangladesh Charts[19].


Studio albums

Title Details
Kowshik Saha[17]
  • Scheduled: October 11, 2022
  • Label: Kowshik Saha
  • Format: Digital download


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
Remix / Single
2020 "Love Yourself"[8] R Non-album singles
"Cheap Thrills" R
2021 "Thrift Shop"[9] R
"Just Gotta Know"[14] O
"Just Gotta Know (Remix)[2] O
"Fearless Pt. II" R
2022 "Heat Waves" R
"Trampoline"[16][2] R 5
2023 "Under The Influence"[20] R
"Heaven Hell"[7][19] O 13
"Passion" O
"Passion (Dark Sped Up) R
"Passion (Sped Up) R
"Heaven Hell (Club Edit)" R
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released.

"R" denotes a recording which was a remix/cover

"O" denotes a recording which was an original single


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