Kimberly Gwen Polman

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Kimberly Gwen Polman
Born Hamilton, Ontario
Nationality Canada-United States

Kimberly Gwen Polman is a joint Canadian-American citizen, who traveled to Daesh territory in 2015, and married an islamic militant she had befriended, online.[1][2][3] In 2019, after she surrendered to forces allied to the United States, Polman told reporters she deeply regretted her actions.[4]

Polman's mother is American, and her father Canadian. She was raised as a Reformed Mennonite, but later converted to Islam.[1]

Polman told her family she was traveling to Austria, for work.[1] She had been studying nursing, and her online penpal, Abu Ayman, told her her nursing skills were needed.

Polman travelled from Vancouver to Istanbul, on her US passport.[1] The Soroptimist International issued her a Women's Opportunity Award in 2011.[5] Her citation said she was working on a diploma in Legal Administration, and planned to work as a childrens advocate.[6]

Polman says she had grown disenchanted with Daesh by 2016, and tried to escape.[1] She says she was captured, and imprisoned, in Raqqa, where she endured brutal interrogation, and rape.[2]

Polman is currently being held in the al-hawl refugee camp in Syria, where she is held with another American woman Hoda Muthana.[7]

Polman left three adult children in Canada when she traveled to Istanbul.[8] Polman's siblings told The New York Times that she had had a hard life, and that they had been unable to help her.[9]

Howard Eisenberg, an immigration lawyer in Polman's home town, told local reporters for CHCH-TV that he anticipates her struggle to return to Hamilton to be a long one.[10]


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