Khuchra Bazaar

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Khuchra Bazaar Verified.png
Native name Khuchra Bazaar
Founded : 2021

Address : Dhaka Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Years active

2021 to present

Founder :

Known for E-commerce

Khuchra Bazaar is an Bangladeshi online E-commerce platform for transactions between sellers and buyers. Khuchra Bazaar was founded in 2020 by ABDUL MUMEN ( Chairman ) and ABDUL MOHAIMEN SAAD (Director). is operated by Khuchra Bazaar. in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The platform personalizes the shopping experience visually for each customer, rather than relying only on a search bar format. It allows sellers to list their products on Khuchra Bazaar and sell directly to consumers. Khuchra Bazaar works with payment service providers to handle payments and does not stock the products themselves or manage returns.





2. Digital Business Identity (DBID) DBID No. 8 1 4 6 7 4 6 9 3

3.Trade license : TRAD/DSCC/034171/2021 Name of the issuing office: Dhaka South City Corporation 4.Khuchra Bazaar-814674693 is a business entity enlisted under DBID by Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Ministry of Commerce.