Kayce Cherelle Brown

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Kayce Cherelle Brown
Born Kayce Cherelle Brown
December 27, 2014
Augusta, Georgia
Nationality American
Other names Best Kid Gymnast, Kate
Education Private School
Occupation American Gymnast
Years active 3 years
Organization Great Children Sports Agency, Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer
Known for American¬†artistic gymnast ¬†YouTuber
Height 4 Feet 1 inch
Weight 58 pounds
Partner Gatorade
Parents Tonian Lerell Brown, Cassandra Cherelle Moore
Relatives Madison Cherelle Brown, Kai Brown, Summer Rose Brown
Awards AAU National Championship Gold Medal, All Team Athletic Award, Communication Achievement Award Academic Awards

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[Kayce Cherelle Brown is American artistic Gymnast who was born on December 27, 2014 and she is currently 7 years old. She was born in Augusta, Georgia but raised in Atlanta, Georgia by her Father Tonian Lerell Brown and Mother Cassandra Cherelle Moore since the beginning of grade school.][1] Kayce Brown is primarily an Instagram Superstar who has also appeared in television shows and magazines such as Bleacher Report, [Daily Mumble][2], [Complex Network][3] and more. [She has also taken part in numerous competitions related to gymnastics and has bagged several awards/medals along her career.][4] With a Talking about her family, she has a sister whose name is Madison Brown. Madison also a younger gymnast at only 5 years of age, many mistakes them as twin. Her sister often appears in videos on her self-titled YouTube channel Greatchildren[5]. At the AAU National Gymnastics Championship of summer 2021 in Orlando Florida, Kayce Brown won individual gold medals in the all-around, vault, and floor; bronze on balance beam; and gold as part of The Junior Team USA. [To sports analyst taking a liking into Kayce as a young gymnast they has covered numerous media press and articles stating she the best kid gymnast in the world.][6] Kayce has went viral from getting lessons from Simone Biles her mentor and idol that has helped improved her overall performance in many element. most importantly Biles mention to Kayce that mental health helps with performance, energy and balance. [Kayce Cherelle Brown father Tonian Lerell Brown is also her coach in house. ][7]

Early Childhood

Kayce Cherelle Brown is the oldest out of 3 siblings, Madison Cherelle Brown, Kai Brown, and Summer-Rose Brown. By her being the elderly sibling out of them all she have been forced to lead and that explains where she get her leadership from carrying over to her profession. In 2020 Kayce Brown first tried gymnastics at age 6 during a day-care field trip. The instructors suggested to Kayce father Tonian that she continue with gymnastics. Kayce parents soon enrolled in an optional training program at Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer.Kayce instructors amplified how quickly she improve throughout out a couple weeks being a new young gymnast for the team.

Sponsors and Endorsements

Kayce Brown father Tonian Brown believe that his daughters should put academics first although he has raised and trained some of the top influencers kid gymnast in the world. [Tonian Brown owns Daily Mumble Media][8] and GreatChildren Talent Agency which Kayce Brown and Madison Brown is both represented under. Kayce have had Talent agency like [Creative Artists Agency][Creative Artists Agency], [Sportfive][9], and [Roc Nation Sports][10] reach out for a partnership with Kayce Brown. Kelly Ferrero[11] had reached out offering Kayce Brown an offer to join Octagon as her representation because they founded a likeness of her brand as young gymnast. Kayce Cherelle Brown is based out of [Atlanta Georgia][12] attends [Buckhead Gymnastic and Cheer][13].


Kayce brown has been a famous young gymnast to her generational class of peers but Kayce parents believe in academics comes before sports. the young superstar talent not only gathered gymnastic competition awards but has accumulated honors awards as well such as 3rd Grade Highest Average Reading Award, Communication Achievement Award Academic Awards, Science Achievement Certificate Award. Kayce is notability known for her gymnastic awards competing for team Buckhead gymnastic and cheer. Kayce got mainstream attention following her winning celebration in Orlando Florida at the AAU Nationals Gymnastics Championship, Individual Gold Medals In The All-Around, vault, and floor; bronze on balance beam. This how Kayce Cherelle Brown broke the internet with her amazing performing amongst a-lot of D1 college recruiter's at the Nationals moving her up on scouters ranking list.


Kayce Brown is well known for performing difficult skills at a high level of execution. While getting one on one lessons with Simone Biles, she has become the best kid gymnast the world ever seen at a very young age. Simone Biles[14] went over many different techniques and skills. Kayce learned many workout drills and Biles floor routine. many speculate that Kayce will one day soon be in the Olympic competing for a medal due to her career inclining really quickly

Personal Life

[Kayce Cherelle Brown is the biggest prospect in class of 2031][15] , Many want to know what college will land the young famous gymnast. She have won many awards throughout her early gymnastic career that started as early as 6 years old. Many feel that Florida Gators women's gymnastics has the better chance of landing her because of there early recruiting of her. Kayce Brown has been to the college campus thats located in Gainesville, FL. Brown was invited by very own Head Coach Jennifer Ester Rowland who has been the head coach of the national champion gym team. During her visit Kayce met Superstars like Trinity Thomas, Megan Skaggs, and Sloane Blakely[16]. Trinity Thomas[17] found an early liking in to Kayce and was amazed by Kayce Agility Coordination, she also said that "Kayce remind her alot like herself as a child personality wise and confidence as a young gymnast ". Kayce Brown has not committed to any college as of now but hopefully by the year 2029 we will have announcement and a news report following up on which college will land the superstar kid gymnast. Kayce has letter offers from [UCLA Bruins women's gymnastics][18], Auburn Tigers women's gymnastics[19], LSU Tigers gymnastics[20], Utah Red Rocks[21] and more. These are the Top National Collegiate Athletic Association Gymnastics Teams that have sent Kayce Cherelle Brown campus invitation, To learn more about the young gymnast. Kayce Cherelle Brown is the best kid gymnast in the world.

Competitive History

Date Meet Team Sessions Level Division Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
2022-10-16 Zenith Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer 2 2 All 9.150 8T 8.875 38T 9.250 17T 9.100 22T 36.375 23T
2022-09-24 Pretty in Pink District Qualifier Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer 6 2 N/A 9.400 6 9.600 3T 9.200 9 9.250 5 37.450 3
2022-09-18 RISING STARS INVITATIONAL Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer 2 2 All Ages 8.750 19T 9.250 10T 9.100 12T 9.100 13T 36.200 12
2022-08-28 Texas Challenge Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer 1 2 Junior A 8.500 23T 9.300 7T 8.900 15T 8.450 19T 35.150 15T
2022-03-06 Rose City Classic Invitational 2022 Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer 1 2 Junior A 9.050 6T 7.100 8 9.050 5 8.500 7 33.700 7
2022-02-05 2022 WOGA Classic Buckhead Gymnastics and Cheer 3/7 2 Junior A 7.400 18 7.550 14 8.100 9T 8.800 8T 31.850 14