Katharina Boger

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Katharina Boger
Born Katharina Boger
24th November
Nationality Germany and USA
Other names Katharina
Alma mater Johann Sebastian Bach School of Music
Occupation Musician
Known for Music
Notable works “Breaking Rules” Song

Katharina Boger (born November 24 in Kasachstan and raised in Germany) is a singer and songwriter. After completing her studies (Johann Sebastian Bach School of Music), she relocated to Los Angeles, CA.

Katharina released her first EP on February 17, 2017 titled Bad Girl, where she began gaining recognition. Her first studio EP Angels & Devils was released on April 19, 2019.[1]

Early Life

Katharina was born in Ksyl-Orda, Kazakhstan, to Anna and Alexander Boger. She has an older Brother, Sergej.

With the age of 4 Katharina and her family moved to Leipzig, Germany where she grew up bilingual (Russian/German). After graduating university Katharina attended Johann Sebastian Bach School of Music where she learned to play the piano and started writing her first songs. [2][3]

After several demo tape recordings in Leipzig, Hamburg and Osnabrück, Katharina went to London to produce some of her songs professionally. </ref>[4]</ref>[5]

2017 - Present:

In 2017 Katharina released her first EP “Bad Girl” and decided to relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where she started working with Producer and Singer/Songwriter Nicholas J. Turpin (known for his work with e.g. Justin Bieber, David Guetta). </ref>[6]</ref>[7]</ref>[8]</ref>[9]

In 2019 Katharina released her lates EP “Angels & Devils” followed by her single releases “Have It” (October 2019) and “Want Me Back” (February 2020).


Katharinas music is generally described as pop and R&B with elements of hip hop and trap music. Lyrically she plays with the “Angels & Devils” theme. Katharina Boger said in an interview, “We all have a little angel and a little devil inside of us and both fight with each other how to act right or wrong. Sometimes sassy things are more interesting even if we know that they are not the best decisions, but we choose to go for them. [...] One day I’m the emotional, sensitive little angel and in my next song I can be a sassy, playful explosion of a devil. [...] I feel both parts inside of me and I love to share these feelings with my audience.”

Katharina names Rihanna, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson as her biggest influences.

New music release March 11, 2022 Breaking Rules Song + Tour July 2022 https://www.katharinaboger.com

Breaking Rules


Music video


“Breaking Rules” Song

“Breaking Rules” was written and produced in Los Angeles together with producer/songwriter Nick Turpin (known for his work with e.g. Justin Bieber, David Guetta, etc. https://www.allmusic.com/artist/nick-turpin-mn0002703514 ). The motive of this song is to motivate people to break their own rules, to change old habits by following new directions to develop yourself. The Rock’n’Roll / Trap beat will make your body dance while the lyrics will inspire you to contemplate.

“Breaking Rules” Tour

Katharina collaborates with motivational coach, entertainer, author and speaker sensation Elmar Rassi https://g.co/kgs/5tDEA3. And this project in not only extremely ambitious but also captivating and super interesting.

It will be a perfect symbiosis of great music, entertainment, illusion combined with a thinking out of the box as a recurring theme.

It will left a deep impression on your mindset. It’s an all-in-one entertainment show - music meets Illusion and deep content.

We hope we could catch your interest and would be glad, if you would share it with your audience. Thank you very much!


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