Kamil Shah

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Kamil Shah
Born 1998
Nationality Pakistani
Known for Captured by US forces when he was 16 and held for 5 years in Bagram

Kamil Shah is a citizen of Pakistan who the USA held in extrajudicial detention in its Bagram Theater Internment Facility, in Afghanistan.[1] Kamil was just sixteen, when he visited Afghanistan in 2004, and was captured by US forces. He says he was accompanying a friend who was traveling to Afghanistan for medical treatment. Kamil was held in Bagram for five years.

After his release he offered an account of routine torture at Bagram to the Pakistani High Court in Lahore.[2]

He said he wanted the Americans to give him a letter confirming he was innocent, and said so to the Colonel who recommended his release.[1] He said the Colonel told him: ‘I am telling you that you are innocent but I cannot write you a letter’.

Kamil has to check in with Pakistani security official when he wants to leave his village.[1] He says his record as a former captive triggers suspicion that has prevented him being able to find work.


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