Kaleb Brayden Harris

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Kaleb Brayden Harris
Kaleb Brayden Harris
Born Kaleb Brayden Harris
December 2, 1998
United States
Nationality American
Occupation Software developer
Years active 2018 - present
Known for Software developing
Height 1.8 Meters

Kaleb Brayden Harris (Born on December 2, 1998 in Lawton, Oklahoma, United States) is an American software developer. Kaleb has been captivated by computers since a very young age. He has always been intrigued by programs and operating systems and looked for ways to understand them better.

Early life and personal life

Kaleb Brayden Harris became obsessed to a point where his parents sought to limit his time on the computer by implementing a time limiter. Unfortunately for his parents, young Kaleb had more than one trick up his sleeve and successfully bypassed the program, marking his first project, Today, the young man is a prominent figure in technology and is attending college for a degree in computer science. The technology whiz has also been able to locate and report vulnerabilities in multiple big websites such as popular music platforms.


Kaleb Brayden Harris has been captivated by computers since a very young age

Second Name

Kaleb Brayden Harris also known as Kaleb Harris an American software developer from Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

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