Joseph Ayoub

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Joseph Ayoub
Born July 27, 1995 (1995-07-27) (age 28)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canada
Occupation Entrepreneur, CEO of Dose of Roses
Organization Dose of Roses

Joseph Ayoub born on July 27, 1995, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is a Canadian-Lebanese Entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Dose of Roses..[1]

Childhood & Early Life

Joseph Ayoub grew up around computers thanks to his father who made him become an early tech adopter. Throughout his childhood, he was really into video games but more importantly curious about how they were made. At the age of 12, Joseph started coding in PHP, Java and Python developing his own applications which then led to his pursuit of majoring in Computer Science and Psychology at Carleton University.[2][3]

Two years after, he drops out and goes on to start a YouTube channel that garnered millions of views on his prank videos based on ideas of what he knew would perform in favor of YouTube’s algorithm. Using his technical background he developed a viral marketing skill that sets him to start his first company: Creaze; a marketing agency that owns and operates its own media brands generating over 1B+ monthly views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.[4][5]


On January 6, 2019, Joseph Ayoub alongside his partner Julian Wilson founded the luxury floral brand Dose of Roses with its initial product line: the Rose Bear; a decorative teddy bear made of soft synthetic roses offered in different sizes and colors. The collection quickly sold out within three weeks of launch, which they then started looking for a second collection to release before the end of the holiday. Joseph and Julian were roaming through the Los Angeles flower district and that’s where they came across the concept of preserved long-lasting roses. They went on to purchase multiple stores’ entire inventory and added them to the website. It was an instant success as their customers were looking to buy something from the brand that wasn’t already sold out. Within the first year, Dose of Roses had released over 10 collections from Luxury Rose Arrangements to Gold Dipped Roses to their new best-selling collection: the Galaxy Rose. The brand has grown to be seen by over 200M people on social media as celebrities like Cardi B, Kevin Hart, Bella Thorne and countless influencers celebrate their special occasion with Dose of Roses.[6]

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