Jon Grissom

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Jon Grissom
Born 1962 (age 59–60)[1]
Nationality USA
Other names Cloyd Jon Grissom
Occupation actor, personal assistant
Known for convicted child abuser

Jon Grissom is an actor first known for supporting performances in a series of Hollywood films, who was subsequently accused of abusing child actors by former child actor Corey Feldman.[2]

Feldman's father hired Grissom as his personal assistant in 1986 or 1987.[2] Even though Corey Feldman was only 12 or 13 years old he described Grissom supplying him with illegal drugs. In his 2013 autobiography Feldman described Grissom taking advantage of his job, and Feldman's reliance on those drugs, to sexually abuse him, although he referred to him "Ron Crimson", for legal reasons.[3]

Grissom would have small parts in two films Feldman made while still a child star, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.[4]

Prior to a November 2017 appearance on the Dr. Oz show, the shows researchers followed clues in Feldman's book, to try o identify Crimson's real name.[5] Oz explicitly asked Feldman, and Feldman confirmed, that Grissom was his first abuser.[4] Oz's researchers found that Grissom had been charged with child abuse, in another case, in 2001, and was convicted in 2003. Oz's researchers determined that Grissom seemed to be in violation of Megan's Law, that required sex offenders to register their locations.

As late as 2017 he was still posting pictures of himself and Feldman and his friend, fellow child actor, the late Corey Haim, on social media.[1][6]

Oz's researchers found that Grissom had been living in Riverdale, California as recently as October 2017, the month before the broadcast.[7] After the broadcast Grissom was reported to have moved to Sindiloa, Mexico.

Reporters state Grissom left social media after Feldman identified him, but attributed to him a denial left in a comment left on a YouTube video about Feldman's news.[8]


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