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Jibon.jpg Jibon Krishna Das (Bengali: জীবন কৃষ্ণ দাস) is a rising Entrepreneur, Musician and Lyricist. Jibon was born on 31 August 2000.Jibon had a lot of interest in music since his childhood. At the age of 14, he got the support of his family and joined a music band.

After gaining knowledge about music from there, Jibon started a music band in his own name. Currently, Jibon is available on YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, and various music platforms. Through which Jibon has gained a lot of popularity. Jibon Krishna Das has become the first choice of every brand for social media marketing.

He started his music life in 2017 with the famous audio and digital marketing company “Jibon Krishna Das” and the first song of “Chilghuri ”. Jibon is now very famous singer.