Jatin Rao

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Jatin Rao
Photo of Jatin Rao
Born 28 January 2006 (2006-01-28) (age 18)
Rewari, Haryana
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Elpro International School
Occupation Trader
Height 188 CM
Weight 78 KG

Jatin Rao is a renowned Trader. He is the Youngest Millionaire trader. He is currently pursuing his HSC and his age is only 18. He has taught more than 1000 traders and all of them were highly profitable. He was also awarded as Youngest Trader Mentor of the Year. In such a short span of career, he has achieved so much.[1]

Early Life and Education

Jatin Rao was born in Rewari, Haryana, on 28 January 2006.[2] His father's name is Ashok Kumar Yadav and his mother’s name is Sushila Yadav. He is currently pursuing HSC, he has completed his SSC from Elpro International School, Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad.[2][3]


Jatin Rao from his childhood only was very active in trading. He then started trading regularly and he got success very early. He is known as the Youngest Millionaire Trader.[4] He is also advising other people and all of them have become highly profitable.[5]

Personal Life

Jatin is very young and is single right now.

Money Factors

Jatin Rao is touted as the Youngest Millionaire Trader so yes he has a good amount of net worth. His net worth is around $2.1 Million.[3]


Jatin Rao is the Youngest Millionaire Trader. He has taught more than 1000 people and all of them have become highly profitable. He has also been awarded as Youngest Trader Mentor of the Year.[6]

Trivia and Facts

  • Jatin is a very down-to-earth person.
  • Jatin does money compounding interest.[7]

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