James Thomas Hodgkinson

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Tom Hodgkinson
Born Template:Date-mf
Bellesville, Illinois
Died Template:Death-date
Alexandria, Virginia
Nationality US
Other names James Thomas Hodgkinson
Occupation Home inspector
Known for Tried to assassinate Members of Congress

James Thomas Hodgkinson is an American best known for trying to assassinate members of the United States Congress.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] He was killed by members of the Capital Police, on June 14, 2017, who were protecting Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip.[8][9]

Warning signs

Following the attack there was an intense effort on the part of the press to understand Hodgkinson's motivation, and whether there were any warning, that might have prevented the attack, if they hadn't been ignored.[1][2][10][4][5][6][7]

Noting that Hodgkinson had faced domestic violence charges the New York Times cited a study that 16 percent of mass shooters had previously been charged with domestic violence.[6]

Personal life

Hodgkinson was born in Bellesville, Illinois, to Deloris and James J. Hodgkinson.[4] He had a sister and a brother.


Hodgkinson attended Henry Raab Elementary School and Bellesville West High School.[4] Hodgkinson is remembered for serving on the track team and wrestling team.

Hodgkinson attended two colleges, but there is no record of him earning a degree.[1] He attended Southwestern Illinois College and the Edwardsville campus of Southern Illinois University.

Marraige and family

Hodgkinson married Suzanne Hodgkinson in the late 1970s.[1][4] The pair were childless, but served as foster parents for a series of children.

In 1996 a 17-year-old girl they were fostering immolated herself.[1][4] Hodgkinson and his wife told authorities the girl's act came as a surprise to them. They described her as "level-headed".

Their last foster child was a great-niece.[1][4] She moved into their home in 2002, shortly after she turned 13. Relations were strained. Hodgkinson broke into a neighbor's home in pursuit of the girl, in 2006, in an incident that led to him facing firearms charges and charges of domestic violence. The girl was taken out of the Hodgkinson's care that night, and they never fostered another child.

After the attack the Bellesville News-Democrat was able to get her Child-welfare case file unsealed, because she had died of a heroin overdose, in 2015. She described Hodgkinson as a mean-spirited alcoholic, who prior to the violent incident, had been routinely abusive.

Firearms charges, domestic battery charges, other charges


Hodgkinson had been working as a home inspector, for 1994 to 2016, previously he had worked in construction.[1]

Political activity

Although Hodgkinson had been a vocal commentator on weakness he perceived in the Republican Party local Democratic Party officials said that they didn't know him, and that he had played no role in local Democratic Party activities.

Prolific writer of letters to the editor

After the attack Hodgkinson's home-town paper, the Belleville News Democrat published thirty letters to the editor that he had written, from March 6, 2008, to September 12, 2012.[11] Editors noted that he complained about Republicans, their tax policies, and advocated for the legalization of marijuana use.

Social media activity

According to CNN Hodgkinson began posting to facebook in 2012.[12] Hodgkinson's facebook records showed he posted political comments to his facebook account three or four times per week.[1]

Helped campaign for Presidential aspirant Bernie Sanders, in 2016

Hodgkinson traveled to Iowa to help the Bernie Sanders campaign prepare for the Iowa Caucus.[1] According to the Washington Post, Robert Becker, a campaign official, Hodgkinson had no formal role in the campaign, and none of his staff remembered him. Becker pointed out his staff managed the efforts of 10,000 volunteers, in Iowa.

The Washington Post found another volunteer, who remembered working with Hodgkinson, who found him likeable, and said he showed no sign of extremism.[1]

Prelude to the attack

Hodgkinson left his home inspection license lapse, in late 2016.[1][12]

In March 2017 Hodgkinson traveled to Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC, where he lived out of a white panel van.[1]

Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, where the baseball diamond where Hodgkinson attacked Republicans, was across the street from a YMCA.[1] Hodgkinson was seen at the YMCA most mornings, for weeks prior to the attack. Patrons noticed that he never used the YMCA's Gym. Hodgkinson arrived early, and sat by a window which overlooked the field where Republican practiced for an annual Congressional baseball game.

One YMCA patron said his suspicions were triggered to the point he thought he should ask staff about Hodgkinson.[1] William D. Euille, Alexandria's Mayor, described having a friendly interaction with Hodgkinson, "practically every morning". He offered to help Hodgkinson find a job. He thought he and the YMCA's manager, were Hodgkinson's only friends, in Alexandria.


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