James Richman

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James Richman
Born Tukums, Latvia
Nationality Latvian
Occupation Businessman, investor, philanthropist
Known for • CEO
• Founder
Height 6'2"

James Richman (born on March 1989) is Latvian-born Singapore-based businessman, investor, producer, and philanthropist. He is best known for his investments in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and other sustainable investments.[1]


Born in Smārde, Tukums region of Latvia, he moved to the United Kingdom during his teenage years to build his businesses. Following and expanding on his success in Europe, Canada and the Middle East, MSN News and Yahoo! Finance report that he the leading force behind healthcare and Asia becoming the leading global biotech hub.

In 2020, International Business Times reports that he committed to investing $18 million towards the research and development towards efforts of COVID-19 treatment and vaccine. He also invested in developing countries such as India, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Thailand.




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