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Icon Blaster

Icon Blaster toy
Created by Renderform
Genre Science Fiction
In-story information
Element of stories featuring Optimus Prime, Scourge

The Icon Blaster is a fictional weapon and third-party Transformer accessory made by Renderform in 2023.


The Icon Blaster is an original design by Renderform released in 2023.

It is inspired by the Ion Rifle that came with the 1984 Optimus Prime toy. It is suited for Optimus Prime, Shattered Glass Optimus Prime and Scourge. Some fans have also used it with Ultra Magnus.


The Icon Blaster was announced in May 2023 and was made to order.[1]


  • Renderform RW-044BB Icon Blaster Blue Blast (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044BB Icon Blaster Orange Blast (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044BR Icon Blaster Red Blast (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044MB Icon Blaster Metallic Basic (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044MD Icon Blaster Metallic Deluxe (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044PB Icon Blaster (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044PD Icon Blaster Deluxe (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044SB Icon Blaster Shattered Basic (2023)
  • Renderform RW-044SD Icon Blaster Shattered Deluxe (2023)



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