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Hooligan Media
Industry Ad Netowork
Founded 2018
Founder(s) Boris Boris
Area served Worldwide
Website hooliganmedia.com

Hooligan Media is a New York-based ad network founded in 2018 that quickly drew attention and grew to thousands of publishers by 2021.[1][2] It was founded by Boris Boris.[3]

The company provides solutions which help businesses maximize their inventory monetization and user experience.[4]

Hooligan works with worldwide traffic and has branches in the United States, Israel, United Arab Emirates, India, Spain, and Russia.

Hooligan Media is a CPM ad network with NET30 payment terms.

Many users reported that Hooligan Media has one of the highest rates among other ad networks.

Hooligan Media provides display advertising and works within IAB defined sizes and rules.

In addition to standard ad units Hooligan Media also provides high-paying units such as: sticky/adhesive(anchor) ad unit, interstitial ad, native ad, and others.

Hooligan Media has average CPM between $1 and $5, with some units getting over $8 CPM.

Hooligan Media, unlike other ad networks, has own community on Slack as well as forums (hooliganforums.com) and unlike most ad networks that leave your on your own, Hooligan Media provides technical assistance and support via email and ticket system.


Get the most out of your inventory - Hooligan solution is adaptable and helps publishers get most out of their inventory. The solution is compatible with every framework and is the easiest monetary solution within the market.[5] Yield and optimization - Hooligan has a team of yield experts that work to improve inventory performance of their clients and try to maximize their revenues, while ensuring high ad quality and brand safety.[6] Reach higher CPM rates - Hooligan provides access to publishers with unique high-impact formats so they can generate high-paying demand and make most out of their inventory by using high-CPM formats.[7]


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