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Hank (short for Henrietta, full name unknown) is a human girl from Robots in Disguise and the best human friend of Russell Clay.


Animated series

Hank lives in the vicinity of Crown City, where she and several friends enjoyed playing football. One day they were joined by newcomer Russell Clay, whom Hank welcomed willingly to her team. After Russell became frustrated due to his lack of experience with the game, he threw off his football helmet and left, only for Hank to follow him back to his scrapyard home to return it and invite him back to play again. Hank's manner proved helpful in getting Russell to come out of his shell, and he was not shown to object at her use of the nickname "Rusty" for him despite showing previous dislike of the name. Hank later encouraged Russell to stand up for himself when he was berated by one of their fellow players, and made it clear whose side she was on when Russell confronted their friend. When Russell thanked her, she encouraged him to "pay it forward" and help someone else in a similar manner, unwittingly prompting him to help Jetstorm stand up to his mentor Drift.

Hank later appeared in the season one finale where she gave Russell a vintage playing card of their favorite football player, it being one of two that her father owned. Unfortunately, this action was observed by Fracture, who decided to take advantage of the friendship between the pair by having one of his Mini-Cons don a holographic disguise to impersonate Hank and infiltrate the scrapyard. This plot was thwarted due to the timely arrival of Optimus Prime, while Hank has not appeared in the series since.