Gundam Dryon IIIZ

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MSR-GD-III Gundam Dryon IIIZ
Dryon III 01.jpeg
The alleged "superior" doppelganger.
Created by

Daizo Adachi
Nickname(s) Dryon, That fucking abomination(by Haruko)
Species Giant Battle Robot/Gundam
Gender None


Machiko and her friends
Tech specs

Type: Modified Heavy Attack Combat Mobile Suit/Super Robot
The MSR-GD-III Gundam Dryon IIIZ is a mobile suit from one of my upcoming Wattpad fanfics, Gundam Tryon 3Z: The Fighting Robot. It is a working replica of the 煌黒機動 Gundam Dryon III from Gundam Build Fighters Try created by Daizo Adachi, the father of Machiko, using Tryon 3Z's blueprints. It first made its debut in Chapter 3, "Enter Dryon IIIZ!" and would not appear until the finale.


Dryon IIIZ looks nearly identical to Tryon 3, except that it's mostly black and yellow. Another difference is that its v-fin is much larger.