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Grayson Rupp

Rupp himself
Background information
Birth name Grayson Aaron Rupp
Born February 23, 2010 (2010-02-23) (age 14)
Origin Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Occupations Musician, songwriter, producer
Years active 2019-present
  • Retaliator
  • The Nothing
Grayson Aaron Rupp (born February 23, 2010)[1][2] is an American musician, occupying the role of lead vocalist and guitarist for the American nu metal band Deathworx, He also was the drummer for a Metro-Detroit based Alt-rock band United Fishing Rod, featuring guitarist John Glaeser and vocalist Max Rupp. Grayson has been a member of several Detroit-based groups throughout his music career.

In 2021, Rupp founded a nu metal band Deathworx, alongside co-founder Noah Dombroski[3] (son of Sponge and The Lucid vocalist Vinnie Dombroski). Deathworx is a 2-piece nu metal band that released one full-length album that was self-titled.[4]

Personal life

Grayson Rupp was born on February 23, 2010, in Detroit, Michigan. He began playing drums, guitar, and bass at a very young age, and when he was only 9 years old he founded a rock band with his brother Max Rupp and friend John Glaeser. They were a three-piece band called United Fishing Rod.

He attended St. Joan of Arc school in 2013, then attended Grosse Pointe Public School System. He has one brother named Max Rupp who is semi-involved in music. He got the influence on rock and metal from his dad who played bass for an Ohio cover band called Belly Up throughout the late 90s and the early 2000s. Rupp has also found an influence in his friend and drummer of Deathworx's dad Vinnie Dombroski from rock bands Sponge and The Lucid. Rupp also takes influence from hundreds of nu metal bands across the world.

Style and influences

Underground Genres described Deathworx music style "being a blend of nu metal and punchy classic metal with a hint of an industrial sound"[5]. Some musical influences that Rupp has cited include Metallica, Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber, Soulfly, Fear Factory, System of a Down, Hoobastank, Primer 55, Motograter, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead, Downthesun, 40 Below Summer, Five Pointe O, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Nothingface, Dry Kill Logic, Twisted Method, Flaw, Switched, Spineshank, and American Head Charge.[6]


With Deathworx

Deathworx[7][8] is an American nu metal band formed Detroit, Michigan in 2021 by vocalist and guitarist Grayson Rupp and drummer Noah Dombroski (son of Sponge and The Lucid singer Vinnie Dombroski). Rupp and Dombroski where previously in the metal band Shadow Theory[9]. Deathworx's discography consists of one studio album and one single. Deathworx's most popular song was the only single for their debut album "Deathworx". The song was titled "Gasoline"[10][11] and ended up being Deathworx's number one track.

The band was founded in August 2021 in Detroit and started recording demos. In September 2021 Deathworx released a demo album[12][13] on the Retaliator Records label, released on December 22, 2021. The album was recorded from September 1, 2021, to September 6, 2021. The album consisted of eight tracks that contained no lyrics. The album was copyrighted by Retaliator Records on December 30, 2021. The album was aborted in January 2021, the reason being that the album wasn't the style that they were looking for, they then went on to venture new genre ideas.

In 2022, Deathworx released a single under the title of "Darkness Within"[14] The single was released on April 9, 2022. The single was a song to their demo EP that was self-titled, released on May 1, 2022, on Retaliator Records. The EP consisted of six tracks, trying out the death metal and nu metal genre put together, and that ended up being the Deathworx genre they were looking for. The EP was unreleased on June 10, 2022, and went on to record their debut self-titled album.

In March 2023 Deathworx released their debut album, Deathworx, also known as the self-titled album. The album was recorded in Rupp's record label from late 2022 to March 2023. Darkness Within, released by Deathworx on February 4, 2023, was originally released on April 9, 2022, and had a totally different sound in 2022, being more of an alternative metal sound. In 2023, Deathworx gave the nu metal sound. Agreed on the genre in late 2022, Rupp decided, and agreed with Dombroski to do more nu metal sound with drop B tuning for their debut.[15]

Album recording and release

Deathworx (stylized uppercase) is the debut studio album by American nu metal band Deathworx. It was recorded from late 2022 to early 2023 and was released in June 2023 by Retaliator records.

The album was recorded in a span of six weeks in late 2023 on Grayson Rupp's record label. Grayson Rupp served as the producer, and Noah Dombroski as executive producer. While planned to release in early 2023, problems with several labels resulted in the album ultimately being released in June.

The album was described to be a fusion of nu metal, death metal, a little bit of alt-metal, and a hint of groove metal, comparing its sound to that of Coal Chamber and Fear Factory. The album conclued to be more of a different turn than what the fans where expecting when they heard that the drummer was the son of 90s classic rock vocalist Vinnie Dombroski.[16][17]

With United Fishing Rod

In 2019, fellow guitarist John Glaeser was introduced to Grayson Rupp and along with his brother Max Rupp, they had a jam session together. Rupp himself said that during the session he could only focus on Glaeser and how they both played together. Shortly after meeting with Glaeser, Rupp introduced vocalist Max Rupp to the project. Rupp brought Max in to the band. Rupp and Glaeser had known each other for "4 years" and had agreed to meet up "just as friends," but Rupp revealed upon meeting that he wanted her to join the band.


with Deathworx

  • Deathworx (2023)

with United Fishing Rod

  • Failure (2019)
  • Recreate (2020)
  • Know To Avoid (2022)

Guest appearances and remixes

  • G4real - "No Thank You" (feat. Grayson Rupp) (2020)
  • Transitionor - "Override" (feat. Grayson Rupp) (2022)
  • Largemouth - "Sucker" (Grayson Rupp Mix) (2023)
  • Blistermud - "Despise" (feat. Grayson Rupp) (2023)

Produced albums

  • 2019: Failure - United Fishing Rod
  • 2020: Trenching - G4real
  • 2020: Recreate - United Fishing Rod
  • 2022: Deunity - Transitionor
  • 2022: Blindfold - Blistermud
  • 2023: Deathworx - Deathworx


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