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Transformers character
Box art of Gnaw
Name Gnaw
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Shark monster
Function Assault Sentry
Motto "I live for the taste of an Autobot's fuel line!"
Rank 2
Sub-group Sharkticons

Gnaw is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Sharkticon assault sentry, one of the minions of the Quintessons.

Transformers: Generation 1

Fictional biography

Travels in packs with fellow Sharkticons. Fearless and vicous. Loyal only to the master who last fed him. Powerful tail fin allows him to travel at speeds over 150 Knots. Carnivourous with a voracious appetite. Possesses several rows of razor-sharp teeth that can tear through solid steel. In robot Mode, carries a maceration laser that shoots salt-based corrosive liquid. Also carries a barbed mace.


According to X-Entertainment Cyclonus was the 3rd top Transformers figure of all time.[1]

Animated series

In The Transformers: The Movie an army of Sharkticons are seen on the planet Quintessa that captured Hot Rod and Kup. As minions of the Quintessons, the Sharkticons served as "executioners" in Quintessa's high court, devouring whatever being falls into their pit after the Quintessons declare them "innocent". When the Quintessons sentenced Hot Rod and Kup to the Sharkticon pit, the two Autobots managed to defeat the Sharkticons by transforming into their car modes and creating a whirlpool in the pit. Further intimidation by Grimlock influenced the Sharkticons to revolt against their Quintesson masters.[2]

Dreamwave Productions

While being a Decepticon, the Gnaw in the Dreamwave Productions comics is an Autobot ally. Gnaw's first appearance in fiction was in the Dreamwave Productions Generation 1 series. In the continuity, Gnaw is a friend of Wheelie. They were part of a rebel group led by Kup, Rodimus and Optimus Prime, and Gnaw participates in the battle against Shockwave. However, Dreamwave's closure means that more stories of Gnaw cannot be told.

IDW Publishing

Gnaw can be seen in the cover page of Transformers Spotlight on Galvatron, as one of the or just eating something.


Gnaw appears in Transformers: Earth Wars. Following the "Release the Sharkticons" event he becomes an unlikely member of the Autobots after they find him attempting to eat their Space Bridge and are able to pacify him with Energon snacks.


  • Generation 1 Sharkticon Gnaw (1986)
A new mold that transforms into a robotic alien shark monster.[3]
  • Titans Return Gnaw (unreleased)
A new figure designed to fit a Titan Master in its mouth.


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