Georges IV de Royan

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Georges IV de Royan
Native name Son Altesse le Prince Georges Charles Louis Rainier Marie de Royan
Occupation Duke of Royan (since 2021)

Prince Georges IV de Royan, born Georges Charles Louis Rainier Marie de Royan on December 3, 2001, has held the title of Duke of Royan since November 4, 2021 and a Luxembourg diplomat.


Childhood and family

His Highness Prince Georges Charles Louis Rainier Marie was born on December 3, 2001 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France[1]. He is the eldest son of Their Highnesses Prince Jérôme and Princess Eugénie. His younger brother, Prince John, currently holds the title of hereditary Duke. From a young age, Prince Georges showed an ardent passion for a multitude of sporting disciplines, notably tennis and football. Alongside his interest in sports, he developed a deep love for arts and culture.

Duke of Royan

In 2021, due to health problems encountered by his father, Prince George was called upon to temporarily assume the responsibilities inherent to this office. Unfortunately, this period was marked by the premature death of Prince Jerome. Consequently, Prince Georges inherited the title of 11th Duke of Royan in addition to his other family prerogatives.

Driven by strong determination and a deep desire to leave a positive mark in the world, Prince Georges founded the International Ducal Investment Company (I.D.I.C.) in January 2022. This company was created with the aim of providing support to businesses and humanitarian associations, thus contributing to balanced and responsible development. Alongside this entrepreneurial initiative, Prince Georges was appointed Special Envoy for Youth of the World Development and Planning Fund, an organization affiliated with the United Nations. This appointment demonstrates his unwavering commitment to promoting the interests of young people and his active desire to contribute to their development, from a perspective of sustainable and equitable development.

The prince is also an external advisor to CEOworld, an American magazine specializing in large fortunes and business owners[2].

The Duke of Royan is appointed in December 2022 as Special Envoy for Youth of the Global Development and Planning Fund, an annex organization of the United Nations[3][4].

Titles and distinctions


  • 03 December 2001 - 14 February 2015: His Highness Prince Georges de Royan (birth);
  • February 14, 2015 - November 04, 2021: His Highness hereditary Duke Georges de Royan, Count of Olonne;
  • since 04 November 2021: His Highness Prince Georges IV, Duke of Royan.


  • Knight (2015) then Grand Cross of the Prince's Order (2021).


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