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Farhan Shahriar is a famous entrepreneur, digital expert, and investor. He was born on 31 January 2003 in Sylhet, Bangladesh and he is 19 years old (As in 2021). He was raised up in Sylhet, and Settle. He is best known as the founder of Findequipnow and Equipjungle.

Farhan Shahriar
Farhan Shahriar
Born Farhan Shahriar
Sylhet, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2017-present
Known for Farhan Shahriar
Title Founder and CEO of Findequipnow

Early life

From his childhood, Farhan Shahriar has been thinking about how to get into business and profit from it. He said that throughout his early childhood he was on the quest for business ideas he has been thinking about how to get into business and profit from it, until he found something profitable and of his interest!

Farhan Shahriar’s focus is on bridging the gap in marketing knowledge. There are too many businesses who are lagging behind, too intimidated by the industry to embrace it. Findequipnow, as well as Findequipnow blog on marketing and podcast, all aim to help companies grow their traffic and engagement with their audience.


Farhan Shahriar is an Bangladeshi Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Blogger. he helping entrepreneurs and Celebrates to get fame and publicity, Nayem is the Founder and CEO of Findequipnow. he is also a good Musician Artist and writer. Findequipnow provides Social Media Account Management, Social Media Profile Verification, Google Knowledge Graph, PR Coverage, Brand Promotion, etc. [1]

Shahriar has created his own space in this huge market. With his abilities to implement his creative thoughts into reality and to grab the desired result with his sheer hard work, determination, consistency and most importantly being extremely passionate about his work. As expertise in digital markets, Shahriar has always helped to grow and expand small and medium scale businesses. He has already garnered millions of fans and followers on social media platforms, which further enhances his work capabilities and expertise in his work. This young talent has many tags on his head – an entrepreneur, social media specialist, and digital expert, and famously known as social media guru.

With his father’s help, he was able to turn his life around, although it wasn’t an easy path to get where he is today. He struggled financially for years, and even filed for bankruptcy at one point in his life. It was then that he was inspired to change his fate and create a real future for himself and his family.

Through countless late nights, he became obsessed with learning everything he could about marketing. From there, he was inspired to use his newly acquired knowledge to create his first-ever, Amazon-based ecommerce business. Within a fairly short amount of time, that business was worth millions. Around the same time, as he continued to learn more about the world of social media, he began helping his father, Frank Suarez, expand his brand online. To his surprise, his strategies lead to tremendous success. It was at this point that he realized he had something special.


Singles and collaborations

Year Track Artist(s) Notes}}
2021 "Rise Up Again" Farhan Shahriar
2021 "Your Black Shadow" Farhan Shahriar Diss track

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