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Errol Chin

Errol Chin Eu Chong (born September 12, 1980) is an entrepreneur, author, and 7 figure online marketer and business strategist. He is the founder, CEO at Logic Solutions, a Malaysian-based Direct-Response Digital Marketing Agency.

Chin is the author of the book 'How To Win The Instagram Game' and is also known as the online go-to person for making serious money via social media.

Chin was born in Georgetown, in the state of Penang, Malaysia. He attended school at St.Xavier's Institution[1] and later to KDU University College[2] which is a private university college in Malaysia, in 1998 (Presently known as UOW Malaysia KDU) where he majored in Computer Science but decided instead to pursue a career in the Oil and Gas sector in 2004. Chin was active in the sector till 2016 where he lost his career which is a turning point in his life and founded Logic Solutions [3] two years after in 2018.

Errol Chin

Errol in 2020
Born Errol Chin Eu Chong
September 12 1980
Georgetown, Penang
Nationality Malaysian
Alma mater St. Xavier's Institution
Occupation Entrepreneur, Author
Organization Logic Solutions
Known for How To Win The Instagram Game (Book)

Early Life

Errol Chin was born in George Town, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang, on the 12th of September 1980.

He attended St. Xavier's Institution, at Farquhar Street in George Town, [5] Penang, Malaysia, which is the oldest Lasallian school in SouthEast Asia and the Catholic Lasallian school in Malaysia. After high school, he enrolled in a local private university college in Malaysia UOW Malaysia KDU (Formerly known as KDU University College) to major in Computer Science. He dropped out after two years, deciding instead to join the off-shore oil and gas industry as a Radio Operator. [6]


Chin started his career as a Radio Operator at Sarku Marine Engineering Services, a professional engineering service that specializes in sub-sea services and inspection for the off-shore oil and gas industry in the Asia-Pacific region. He remained there for 2 years, before joining Petra Resources, a local competitor to Sarku Engineering. However, he did not stay long in this company and decided to join a Singapore-based established offshore services provider known as EMAS Offshore. It is here that Chin spend his remaining 8 years with the company where he started to climb the career ladder.

In 2016, Chin lost his job after over a decade in the off-shore oil and gas industry. Also during this period, Chin lost most of his savings to the stock market and as a result, he was almost declared bankrupt. He then opted to leave his hometown in order to restart his life in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur where he landed a job as an intern in a local proprietary trading firm.

However, this is when he started to try his hands on online marketing and two years later in 2018, founded Logic Solutions (of which he is currently the CEO), which is a Direct-Response Digital Marketing Agency.

Chin started his agency as a part-time business while still working for a local Malaysian integrated oil and gas services company based in Seri Kembangan, Selangor which Chin return to the off-shore oil and gas industry briefly for two years from 2018 till 2020.

Chin's company started off by offering consultancy-based and done-for-you services to small businesses wanting to tap into the online marketing space. But eventually, it developed into a full Direct-Response Digital Marketing Agency that caters to a wide range of services which includes solutions for a broad range of customers' digital needs, from web hosting to social engine optimization and traffic generation to web design and social media management.

Chin has since developed a repeatable 5-step framework that he has continuously improved to help thousands of entrepreneurs make money from doing what they love and his system for developing an online business was a game-changer and helped catapult him to where he is today.


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