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Dukytnt Lee ( Lương Du Kỷ) Ponishare-verified.png
Nationality Viet Nam
Occupation Rapper ,Gammer
Title Founder & CEO Ldk Network

Dukytnt Lee Birth name " Luong Du Kỷ " Born on November 7, 1995 Known to the audience as a Rapper and Gammer. Dukytnt Lee was born and raised in Lao Cai, Started participating in the arts since 2013, he is also the founder of LDK Network [1]

Career life

Born in a family of 3 siblings, Dukytnt Lee is the youngest child in the family. Right after graduating from high school, the land boy Lao Cai passed the entrance exam to the faculty Music Composition of the Academy of Music] Vietnam. At first, he studied vocals, studied composing and worked in the studio, sometimes singing in a few small venues.

2013-2016: Childhood and Entrepreneurship

He has been involved in the arts since 2013, he is known to the audience through his image as a professional gamer of the title game god (VNG). At the end of 2013, Dukytnt Lee gradually became more known through Cover songs on CCTAKL Livestream platform. [2] Dukytnt Lee gradually won the hearts of the audience through his southwestern style of talking and rapping to become one of CCtakl's idols rom 222, 88 and 69. [3]

In 2014 he won 2nd prize in the Music teen contest held in Hanoi[4] with song Ky Memories of Christmas [5]. At first, it was difficult for him to deal with rap because there was no one to guide or teach him, so he had to tinker with everything by himself, from how to flow, write lyrics and beat to how to record himself. Day by day, he learned more and more experience and was gradually recognized by the [Underground] community after the end of 2015, In 2016 he was nominated in the Vietnamese rap category with the song "Don't stay up late" at Mocha [6]. 2016 with the Rap Award of https://recochoku.jp/ held at Kanazawa Japan [7]

2016 - 2018:Don't stay up late, Birthday gift

He started to lead himself on the path of composing and rapping with the song "Don't stay up late anymore . with millions of views and likes from the audience. Although Dukytnt Lee is a son of the Northwest highlands, the sound in his songwriting and rapping style has a hint of the Southwest region. He once shared that he used to follow the "quality" of rap and the way of composing from many southern rappers, but he was deeply influenced by the songwriting and rap style of the G5R members.

2019-Now: Established LDK Network

In 2019 he founded LDK NETWORK, and appeared less in the community Underground [8].[9]

Art style and songs

PMusical styles

Dukytnt Lee's most outstanding music products include Don't stay up late, Birthday gift, Christmas memory, which are all songs composed with folk influences in the Mekong Delta. |Southwestern Vietnam]]. In an interview with Vietnamnet, Dukytnt Lee shared that he used to follow the "quality" of rap and the composition of many southern rappers, but he was deeply influenced by the members' songwriting and rap style. in the G5R group especially Jack [10]

Collaborative single and featured track

  • 2014: "Christmas Eve Memories [11]
  • 2014: "Birthday present (rap.ver)[12]
  • 2015: " Don't stay up late anymore [13]
  • 2015: " Rainy Day Scenario [14]
  • 2016: " Strangers used to know [15]
  • 2017: 'Time will lose each other
  • 2017: " I LOVE High School No. 2 Bao Thang
  • 2017: "Dog
  • 2018: "Phoenix Hong Days apart
  • 2019: "Count

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CFrequently Asked Questions?

Who is Dukytnt Lee?

Dukytnt Lee is known as a rapper/songwriter

Dukytnt Lee Height Weight ?

DDukytnt Lee is 1m70 tall, weighs 51 kg

Dukytnt Lee Where are you from?

Dukytnt Lee was born in a rich village, Bao Thang, Lao Cai

Dukytnt Lee What's your real name?

DDukytnt Lee real name is Luong Du Ky

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