Dr Kumar B.G

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Dr Kumar B.G
Born August 25, 1991 (1991-08-25) (age 30)
Nagercoil, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Doctor, Travel Photographer and Philanthropist

Dr Kumar B.G (born August 25, 1991) is an Indian travel photographer, doctor, and a guitarist. Dr Kumar B.G graduated with an MBBS, MD from Government College, Chennai, one of India’s oldest and most prestigious medical colleges. Dr Kumar B.G was a guitarist during his college days and was a member of the college band, “Lucid Interval”. He and the band won a number of competitions and were quite popular. Dr Kumar B.G also wanted to help those in need and his philanthropic journey started while he was in college. He organized and carried out many philanthropic activities, one of which was raising around 1 lakh rupees for a child’s surgery which he did in collaboration with the “save a child” foundation.[1][2]


Dr Kumar B.G has had numerous academic achievements in his career. During his MD career in Anesthesiology, he won multiple quizzes and was also awarded the EDRA (European diploma in regional anesthesia - 1 ). On one occasion, in an academic presentation in New York, Dr. Kumar B.G was placed in the top five in the research presentation. Dr. Kumar B.G is a practicing professional and is busy seeing patients but despite his busy, and demanding academic, and work routine, he loves travel and photography. He has always tried to balance this and find time for this passion of his.[3][4]


His interest in photography and travel began the day his father gave him an SLR. While he was casually strolling in a garden, he came across a  two headed butterfly resting on a flower. In his own words "I did my best to capture it but the process that ensued later when I recreated the moment in my head led to the intense desire to capture the most beautiful moments around me. Achieving the right focus and exposure, the sound of the shutter and later developing the film was so addictive that I grew into the process without a second thought. Once I grew older, my passion for photography became more pronounced when I traveled and saw places I never dreamed existed. I have travelled outside India with Egypt, USA, Kenya, Bali , Dubai, Thailand, Greece and Maldives being some of the most memorable of them . I haven't looked back since and am still learning and evolving".[5][6]

Travel and photography

Travelling across the world and capturing photographs is his passion and balancing his work life and passion has been a tough but enjoyable journey for him. Dr Kumar B.G has a a particular passion for capturing nature. He has a special love for drone photography and according to him drone photography and capturing landscapes are the two sides of photography which he loves and it’s something that inspires him further to  keep on capturing the beauty of nature. Lately, Dr Kumar B.G has started exploring other avenues in photography and has started working with long exposure photography. According to him "My aim is to inspire everyone to travel more, grow richer with life, and freeze time in those mesmerizing views with my camera. It always flashes through my head that choosing the medical profession does take its toll on my dream to travel, but I have realized down the lane that it has its perks too. Once when I was travelling through the mountainous terrains of Ladakh with my friends, I detected one of the fellow travelers having altitude mountain sickness following which I took him to lower altitudes, helped hydrate him and gave him acetazolamide(diuretic medication) along with oxygen therapy, following which he recovered in a few days and could fly back safely. That moment really asserted within me the usefulness of being a medical professional when I'm travelling with others and of all the ways I could be a help to them. Another similar incident was while I was hiking through Nusa Penida in Bali, when one of the fellow hikers took a nasty fall and fractured her leg. I made a splint out of wood and helped stop the bleeding with the bandages and gauze pads I carried with me, and with the help of others, took her to a nearby hospital. The stoppage of bleeding was crucial as the journey to hospital took quite an amount of time and she would have lost a lotta blood if she didn't receive the basic medical help on time".

Moreover, Dr Kumar B.G also collaborated with TripAdvisor for conducting a campaign after he won one of their photography events. His photographic works are featured in Tripoto community as well as the Lonely Planet page. He even did a collaboration with Sony BBC earth on Instagram as well. He is currently in the process of launching a #plantatree campaign, which will initially have a goal of planting 1000 trees. Dr Kumar B.G plans to use social media to spread the voice of his campaign and hopes that more people will take note and take a step forward in saving this planet. He thinks his campaign is a good way to give back to this beautiful planet which has given us so much.[7][8]



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