Diane Polley

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Diane Polley
Born 1935
Died 1990-01-10
Nationality Canada
Other names Diane Elizabeth MacMillan (maiden name)
Occupation Actor, casting director
Known for Mother of Sarah Polley

Diane Polley was a Canadian actor and casting director.[1][2][3] Polley had five children, several of whom followed their parents into theatre, including her youngest, actor and director Sarah Polley.[4]

While working as a casting director Polley helped discover the comedy group The kids in the hall, and later guest starred on their show.[5] Polley also appeared in 44 episodes of the Canadian drama Street Legal.[6] Polley also appeared in stage productions.[7] She cast Jonathon Crombie in his first role, in the widely watched miniseries Anne of Green Gables.[8][9]

Polley's son John Buchan is also a casting director.[10] Her son Mark Polley is also an actor.[2]

In 2012 Polley's daughter Sarah directed a film about her own birth, after having confirmed, as an adult, that her conception was the result of an affair her mother had.[10] Sarah Polley says the affair was confirmed by a journalist who confronted her over keeping it a secret.


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