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Mohammed Ahmed Said Haidel
Born 1978 (age 45–46)
Ta'iz, Yemen
Other names Mohammed Mohammed Ahmen Said

Mohammed Ahmed Said Haidel is a citizen of Yemen currently held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba.[1]

Joint Task Force Guantanamo analysts estimate that he was born in 1978, in Ta'iz, Yemen.

As of August 18, 2011, Mohammed Ahmed Said Haidel has been held at Guantanamo for nine years three months.[2]

Press reports

On July 12, 2006 the magazine Mother Jones provided excerpts from the transcripts of a selection of the Guantanamo detainees.[3] Haidel was one of the detainees profiled. According to the article his transcript contained the following comment:

"When I was in the Kandahar prison, the interrogator hit my arm and told me I received training in mortars. As he was hitting me, I kept telling him, “No, I didn’t receive training.” I was crying and finally I told him I did receive the training. My hands were tied behind my back and my knees were on the ground and my head was bleeding. I was in a lot of pain, so I said I had the training. At that point, with all my suffering, if he had asked me if I was Osama bin Laden, I would have said yes…. Am I an enemy of the United States? I never knew any Americans until I came to this prison. Americans should know who their real enemies are. What is my crime for being here for three years? That is all I would like to say."


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