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The Clelia II is a cruise vessel that operates on the Great Lakes, in the Mediterranean, and around Antarctica.[1][2][3]

Summer ports of call in the Great Lakes include Toronto, Port Weller, Little Current, Mackinac Island, Houghton, Michigan, Thunder Bay and Duluth, Minnesota.[4] She was launched in 1990, built by Cantiere Navale Ferrari-Signani in La Spezia and was operated by Renaissance Cruises. She is currently operated by Great Lakes Cruise Company.[4] She carries approximately 100 passengers.

In December 2010 the Clelia II was partially disabled by a rogue wave while transiting the Drake Passage.[3] The rogue wave also damaged the ship's bridge.[5] The nearby National Geographic Explorer rendered assistance.

The London Free Press reported that during its thirteen visits during the 2010 season passengers and crew spent $600,000 CAD in Little Current, a small First Nations community on Manitoulin Island.[6]


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Clelia II was built by Cantiere Navale Ferrari-Signani in 1990 in La Spezia