Dave Haynes

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Ernest David Haynes
Other names
  • Juggernaut Haynes
  • Dave Haynes
Occupation police officer
Known for marrying Krista Ford, neice of Rob Ford

Dave "Juggernaut" Haynes is a police officer and bodybuilder, from Toronto, Ontario.[1][2] On October 15, 2015, he married Krista Ford, the daughter of Doug Ford, a former member of Toronto city council, neice of Rob Ford, a former Mayor of Toronto.[3]

On December 30, 2014, Haynes was a spokesman during a shooting incident in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood.[4] Police attending a report heard gunshots, and initially thought they were being fired on. After multiple officers arrived more senior officers concluded that the original officers may have been close to an unrelated firearm discharge.[5]

As a public employee earning more than $100,000 per year, Haynes salary started to be listed in 2011.[6]


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