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Type Private
Industry Technology
Headquarters United Kingdom
Area served Worldwide
Products Cryptocurrency
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Cryptex is an international trading platform.

Exchange bitcoins for dollars and rubles on the Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange.

On the international Cryptex trading platform, you can sell and buy bitcoins without verification. The cryptocurrency exchange works with US dollars and rubles and offers a wide range of features for investors and traders. In addition, you can quickly convert bitcoins to US dollars at favourable exchange rates with minimal commissions. Currently, the exchange rate for BTC is $55,251.029.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Not only is it particularly popular among large investors, but it will also be a great tool for active traders. The high volatility of the Bitcoin/USD pair on the exchange is evident in the movement of the price - in the last 24 hours BTC has risen by $1,173.427 (2.18%). This allows you to use a different approach in your strategy.

Bitcoin trading on the Cryptex

Advantages of online bitcoin trading on the Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange:

  • 24/7 support service in Russian and English. Communication via chat or ticket system - support team responds within 5 minutes.
  • Storage of user assets in the most reliable and secure way - on a cold wallet.
  • No commission for trading BTCUSD.
  • Over 20 options for deposits and withdrawals (cryptocurrencies, bank cards, e-wallets, etc).
  • Opportunity for OTC trading and customised Bitcoin exchange rates for large investors.
  • API interface and creation of Cryptex code to work with balances.

As we all know, Bitcoin is a major cryptocurrency in the world of digital assets. Today, Bitcoin is traded not only on cryptocurrency exchanges but also on leading financial markets such as the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), which provides an influx of capital into the cryptocurrency market.[1] The price of bitcoin on different exchanges can vary significantly from the market average.

How to start trading BTC on Cryptex

Bitcoin's rising exchange value attracts investors and its high volatility makes it a sought-after speculative instrument for cryptocurrency traders. To start trading Bitcoin, all you have to do is register and deposit on a cryptocurrency exchange. You trade in real time with real people - the daily bitcoin trading volume in US dollars is over $50 billion worldwide. Buying bitcoins anonymously in rubles or dollars is easy - all you need is an e-wallet or payment card.

There is no need to go through a complicated verification process. Transactions on all exchanges are conducted on an anonymous basis. This way, you can quickly and securely exchange your dollars for bitcoin cash.

Unlike 'holders' who buy bitcoins and wait for them to rise to a reasonable level, short-term traders can increase their investment more quickly, as the value of bitcoins on exchanges often changes by 20% or more in a single trading day, allowing them to profit from cryptocurrency trading. To do this, you need to buy bitcoins at a low price and then sell them at a high price - the resulting difference is the trader's profit. After closing the order, the profit is credited to the Cryptex user's balance and the bitcoins can be withdrawn from the exchange to the wallet.

Buying and selling bitcoins using the Cryptex trading terminal

You can monitor the price movements of bitcoins on the exchange and analyse their movements with charts on the assets page. You can use the classic candlestick chart and select a trading cycle for the Bitcoin/USD pair. With just one click, you can switch to a chart of bitcoin bid and ask prices, which are plotted against live buy and sell orders. This feature allows you to easily browse through a large number of bids from exchange users.[2]

The Cryptex exchange's trading terminal has the ability to quickly process bitcoin buy or sell orders. You can use quotes from one or more sellers (buy BTC) and buyers (sell), or create your own orders. In order to buy or sell bitcoins for USD at the price you want, you need to create an order:

  1. Switch to advanced trading mode.
  2. Set the price you want to buy or sell at in the "Limit Price" field.
  3. Set the amount to buy or sell in Bitcoins.
  4. Complete the order creation by clicking the appropriate button.

The order will be executed when the rate reaches the specified price. Directly below the chart is a list of all currently available orders. You should remember that trading Bitcoin carries a lot of risk because the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is very volatile. For this reason, you should trade bitcoin responsibly on exchanges and pay more attention to technical analysis and consider the underlying factors.[3]

On our online exchange you can buy and sell bitcoins in minutes without any restrictions and bans. We work with cash, electronic payments and bank cards in 11 countries.

Cryptex Advantages

Advantages of Cryptex Exchange:

  • Secure wallet for your cryptocurrency
  • 0% liquidity provider fee
  • Anonymity of user, no verification
  • No restrictions or limits on transactions of any amount
  • Secured accounts: IP, Google Authenticator, Telegram, SMS, Jabber or email codes

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