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Headrobots character
Headrobots Cobra box
Created by

Species Transformer


Evil Headrobots
Alternate mode

Robotic cobra/head
Tech specs

ST05 IN06 SP07

Cobra is a fictional character made by third-party Transformer company Headrobots in 2010. He is an homage to both an unreleased Takara Headmaster cobra toy.


In 2010 Headrobots created Cobra, an evil Headrobot. The design of Cobra is based on concept art for an unproduced Takara Headmaster Warrior.

According to his tech specs Cobra has average intelligence and strength, and above average speed.


Headrobots first posted the prototype for Cobra on their web site in February 2010.[1]

Cobra was released in April 2010.


The WTF@TFW podcast for February 11th, 2010 selected pictures of Cobra as one of the New Picture Picks. The host thought the toy was cool and that the price was a good deal.[2]

The WTF@TFW podcast for February 25th, 2010 selected pictures of Cobra, Hothead and Iguana as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]

Fictional biography

The evil Headrobots started training to further strengthen themselves against the good robots. Headrobots can connect to the Transtector after they master the art of combining. The Power Meter on the chest shows their abilities. Now it's time to cross head on to D-85 Crocodile, D-86 Wolf and D-87 Bat!


According to the comic panels on the alternate Cobra packaging a swarm of Cobra attacked Indiana Jones. One Cobra worked with Cobra Commander. Another Cobra was charmed by Mindwipe.


  • Headrobots D-01 Cobra (2010)
An original third-party Transformers mold by Headrobots, based on Takara concept art. Turns from robotic snake into a head. In head mode he fits on most of the Generation 1 Headmaster molds (excluding Cerebros). When plugged into a 1987 Headmaster figure he reveals a SPD 7, STR 5, INT 6.[4]
This toy was recolored into Mixcoatl. He was recolor and had a gun added to make it into Nightrider, Snake, Crystal Cobra, and Toxin.
  • Headrobots Variant card set (2010)
A replacement set of cards for the Cobra package with different art.



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