Clare Preuss

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Clare Preuss
Clare Preuss had her head shaved at an anti-beauty event
Clare Preuss had her head shaved at an anti-beauty event
Born 1977 (age 40–41)
Lethbridge, Alberta
Nationality Canada
Occupation actor, director, professor

Clare Preuss is a Canadian actor, director, and community college professor.[1][2] In November 2018 Preuss became the artistic director of Calgary's Downstage Theatre.[3][4]

As an actor, and director, most of Preuss's work has been in live theatre, but she has played supporting roles in feature films. Her most prominent role was in the film "Mean girls".[5][6] Her character was the sole girl on the "Mathlete" team that faces the film's heroine's team, in a competitive showdown of math skills. In one of the film's pivotal scenes, in narration from the film's heroine, the audience hears her outgrow the kind of mean-spirited evaluation of girls largely on their measuring up to narrow standards of beauty.[7]

Over a decade after playing a character who wasn't beautiful Preuss described her feelings when a series of tabloids published stories informing their readers that the actor who played her non-beautiful character was actually beautiful.[7] Preuss described how she felt those writers were undermining one of the film's main themes, that surface beauty wasn't that important. She felt some of those articles implied that her character's lack of surface beauty implied that she was ugly, inside.

In an article entitled When You Tell Me I’m Pretty I Shave My Head" Preuss wrote about how the press coverage triggered her to organize an anti-beauty event.[7] Preuss and some colleagues did have their heads shaved, before an audience. In her article Preuss wrote that "I played Caroline Krafft as a fiercely intelligent, confident, accomplished teenager..." She wrote about how getting into costume, for this character affected her own feelings, and how members of the cast and crew treated her, off-camera. And she wrote about a conversation she had with the film's writer, Tina Fey, who told her that her character's appearance reminded her of how she felt when she was a teenage high school student.

Preuss has worked, as a director, at Gwaandak Theatre, in Whitehorse,[4] at Body Theatre, in Toronto.[8]


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