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Christine Egan (20 June 1946 – 11 September 2001)[1][2] was an English-Canadian nurse.

Born in Kingston upon Hull, England,[1][2] she graduated from the Hull School of Nursing in 1967.[1] Egan immigrated to Canada to work as a nurse in Iqaluit and other Nunavut communities.[1][3] In 1999, she earned her Ph.D. in Community Health Services from the University of Manitoba.[4][1][5] She became the Program Director of Research and Education for the Health Board of Kivalliq Region.[1]

In 2001, she was living in Winnipeg, Manitoba,[2] where she taught at the university and worked for Health Canada.[3][5] She was killed in the September 11 attacks when visiting the office of Aon Corporation, where her younger brother Michael Egan worked in the South Tower of World Trade Center,[4][1][2][5] on the 105th floor.[5] Michael also died in the attacks.[2][3]

A memorial scholarship was created in her name to support Nunavut Inuit to pursue a nursing education.[3][6][7][8]


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