Chris aka Dream

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Chris aka Dream
Born November 10, 1991 (28)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Education Globe Institute of Technology (Class of 2012)
Occupation Model
Fitness Trainer
Net worth 800,000 USD
Relatives Khadijah Howard (Younger Sister)
Antonio Harris (Older Brother)
Anthony Dorn (Younger Brother)
Wayne Dorn (Younger Brother)

Chris aka Dream (born November 10, 1991 ) is a celebrity fitness mogul, and fitness trainer. He played for the Philadelphia souls and the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks.[1]

Personal Life

Chris was born as Christopher Terrell Dorn on November 10, 1991. He is a former College and Pro Arena football player that began his journey back in Philadelphia at Overbrook High School. He earned all-star honours while attending high school and college leading up to playing for the Philadelphia souls and the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks while earning a workout with the formerly known Washington Redskins. He earned his nickname (dream) due to his swift feet and quickness on the football field and was now know as Chris aka dream.[2]


As a professional fitness trainer, mogul, and trending fitness model he is more on the rise to a bigger celebrity when asking what other tasks could be next he said acting could be in his near future. He can be seen featured around New York City on billboards, magazines, and much more.[3] When asked how he feels about the spike in popularity he said in a humbled way, that it felt great to see his hard work paying off and that he hopes to continue to motivate and inspire the up and coming youth in fitness and in life. No doubt he is getting recognition now. But he wants to succeed more. When he was asked in an interview what inspires him, he said family and his will to succeed. Weightlifting is not an easy task, and he advised new lifters to take it slow. New lifters must take their time, build their strength, and then take a go at it. Chris says fitness is a journey, and it does not happen overnight.[4]