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Chogokin Robo Hello Kitty or "Kitty Robo" for short, is the titular mech of my upcoming Wattpad fanfic series, Chogokin Robo Hello Kitty(later to be renamed "MazinKitty Z".) It is piloted by Haruko Akabane, the main protagonist, who uses it to do battle with Machiko Amachi, her archrival, who wants to use the mech for her own needs. It's based on the Chogokin Hello Kitty figure created by Bandai Tamashii Nations. At one point during the sequel Chogokin Robo Hello Kitty: Super Robot Wars II, Kitty Robo was upgraded into MazinKitty Z and would remain that way for the rest of the series.


Before being upgraded into MazinKitty Z, Kitty Robo, as its name implied, was a giant mecha built in Hello Kitty's image. It had all of Hello Kitty's iconic design aspects, including her iconic bow on its right ear and the painted-on overalls, as well as her whiskers. Near the end of the first fanfic, the mech was given a new red paint job. Kitty Robo is controlled via a pair of joysticks, and there are multiple buttons in the cockpit, most of which are used to operate the robot's weaponry.

MazinKitty Z

CRHK: SRW II marks the debut of MazinKitty Z, Kitty Robo's upgraded form. As its name would suggest, MazinKitty Z looks very similar in design to Mazinger Z, albeit with several Hello Kitty-like aesthetics. The most obvious differences are a large heat sink in the shape of Hello Kitty's trademark bow and a brighter and more colorful paintjob. The right side of MazinKitty Z's "crown" has Hello Kitty's bow painted on it. Its horns are also gray, unlike Mazinger Z's, which are yellow.

Powers and Abilites(As Kitty Robo)

Despite its cute appearance, Kitty Robo is an extremely powerful mech. Due to Haruko's modifications, it's equipped with a rather large amount of offensive and defensive weaponry:

Missile Launchers

Concealed inside Kitty Robo's body are numerous missile launchers, which can be used to fire a huge barrage of rockets at the enemy.

Laser Guns

Kitty Robo is equipped with laser guns, which can fire bursts of energy at a target.

Fiery Power Blade

In a similar fashion to Voltron(known in Japan as GoLion), Kitty Robo can spawn a glowing, machete-like sword for close combat.

Eye Beams

Kitty Robo can fire beams of energy from its eyes at the enemy.