Cathy Gannon

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Cathy Gannon
Born 1954 (age 69–70)
Timmins, Ontario
Nationality Canada
Occupation journalist
Known for bravely recovering from being wounded in Afghanistan, and returning to war reporting

Cathy Gannon is a journalist for the Associated Press, who was attacked and wounded while reporting from Afghanistan.[1][2][3] Her colleague, Anja Niedringhaus, was mortally wounded. Gannon has received extensive coverage as she struggled to recover from her wounds and return to war reporting.

Gannon was born in Timmins, Ontario.[1] In 2002 she won the International Women’s Media Foundation Courage in Journalism award. In 2003 she was awarded a Edward R. Murrow fellowship from the Council on Foreign Relations

Gannon is the author of "I is for Infidel: From Holy War to Holy Terror in Afghanistan".[1][4]

Gannon had spent 18 years, reporting from Afghanistan prior to her attack, and was the Associated Press's regional chief.[1]

Gannon and Niedringhaus were in a convoy of journalists, reporting on the national elections, protected by elements of the Afghan army and Afghan Police.[1] When the vehicles were stopped, one of the commanders, named Naqibullah of the Police contingent took his rifle, yelled "God is Great!", and fired into their vehicle at close range.[5] He then sat down and surrendered to his colleagues.


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