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Bumble Bug
Impossible Toys character
Impossible Toys Bumble Bug box
Created by

Impossible Toys
Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Volkswagen Beetle

Bumble Bug is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Bumblebee made by Impossible Toys in 2014.

Impossible Toys

Bumble Bug is third-party Transformer character created by Impossible Toys as an homage to the Transformers character Bumblebee.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Bumblebee include iGear's Bee 01 and Stinger.


Impossible Toys announced the Mini Charger line on their web site in July 2013.[1] Preorders for the individual toys web up a few days later on TFsource.[2]

Bumble Bug shipped in February 2014, his group's name changed to Minicars.


The moonbase2 podcast for July 15th, 2013 discussed the Micro Chargers in the news. The hosts thought they were cute.[3]

Fictional biography

Bumble Bug is one of the smallest and physically weakest soldiers in his group. While his stature allows him to do his job better than most could manage, he is self-conscious about his size. Maybe this is why he makes fast friends among the humans. But what he doesn't realize is that his fellow comrades look up to him. He may be small, but he's brave, and he's one of the most well-liked around.


  • Impossible Toys MC-01 Bumble Bug (2014)
A new mold by Impossible Toys. Turns from robot to car. Comes with a pistol accessory.
The biography for Bumble Bug is adapted from text on the TFwiki.net page for Generation 1 Bumblebee, with the name changed and references to the Autobots removed.
Bumble Bug shares engineering with the other Minicars.



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